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Precision element

date posted:2012-11-26


We have four key disciplines, such as precision instruments, mechanical, optical engineering, mechanical design and theory, automation, and so on. In the national level, it is among the best in the three disciplines of scientific and technological, optical engineering and mechanical engineering.
The whole system is built with "tribology" and "precision testing technology and equipment" two national key laboratories, "national CIMS" and "CD" two National Engineering Research Center and micron nano technology research center, aerospace technology research center and green manufacturing center, etc.. The whole system of scientific research and scientific and Technological Development for the national economy and tracking the world's leading edge, every year to bear the national key scientific and technological projects, 973 basic research projects, 863 high-tech projects, the National Natural Science Foundation projects and other scientific and Technological Development projects. In early 1958, first developed CNC machine tools in China, and the United States and the Soviet Union, Japan racing together bridle to bridle. 60 time, the development of the first stage of the milling machine, the contribution of the national defense. 70 years, the development of a step by step repeat automatic camera, graphics generator, lithography, electron beam exposure machine workpiece table and other semiconductor devices, including "step by step camera" applied to the country more than 100 manufacturers, received high praise; the development of a variety of disk test instruments, and promote the development of China's electronics industry. In the "seven five" and "eight five", the research on the large scale measurement of large scale machinery manufacturing industry reached the world advanced level, and the state monitoring and fault diagnosis system of large power generating sets was awarded the national science and technology progress three. In the 90's, and the automation system, machinery and other units to build China's first CIMS experimental engineering center, the American Manufacturing Engineers (SME) awarded the "University"; the National Key Laboratory of tribology based on the international advanced level, micron, nano technology has also achieved international research results. During the "seven five" period, the whole system received a variety of awards 32. During the "eight five" period, the scientific research funds increased significantly, and the national level and provincial level awards 33, including National Invention Award: 1, two, three, 2, 4, four, etc.. According to the school "211 Project" planning, advanced manufacturing technology with micron / nano technology is classified as the school's key construction disciplines and new discipline growth point.
The whole system attaches great importance to the development of domestic and foreign academic exchanges, and many foreign famous universities and research institutions to maintain close contact and cooperation, has organized a number of international academic conferences, hosted a number of national academic conference.
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