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Ikang economic environmental health wet towel wipes roll

date posted:2014-04-24 09:35:53


1: the overall scale of wipes industry
In recent years, wipes become baby diapers, sanitary products annual consumption growth rate of up to two digits, the new investment is growing, new brands have emerged from time to time, the category will continue to increase. As a convenient sanitary wipes daily consumer goods, also extends from the China first-tier cities to the two or three line of the city, more and more people accept and use.
Baby industry research center data show that in 2010 Chinese baby wipes market range for 450 million yuan, in 2011 the market will reach 600 million yuan range measure. Baby industry research center estimates that about 30% of the average annual growth of baby wipes will continue until 2015.
In 2010, the global nonwoven wipes sales of approximately $10 billion 500 million, which wipes accounted for about 70%, for $7 billion 430 million. Based on the statistical data of baby industry research center show, 2010 wipes domestic sales of 2 billion yuan, thus Chinese wipes sales accounted for about 4% of global sales wipes. This value is much lower than the overall share of global health supplies (about 12%). This is mainly due to the current market is also limited to the use of personal care wipes, the market progress rate is very low.
According to the application scope of wipes can be divided in two major categories of household and industry. In Chinese, industrial wipes category and consumption rarely, only catering service. Home use wipes according to the use is divided into personal care and home cleaning for class two. At present, is the most widely used for personal care wipes. Baby industry research center data show that in 2010 Chinese personal care wipes terminal sales for 1 billion 300 million yuan. In the personal care wipes, baby wipes and ordinary wipes are two categories accounted for the largest share of sales. In 2010, accounting for 35% of baby wipes, wipes accounted for 57%, accounted for 5% of female special wipes, wipes for other personal care (such as cleansing wipes etc.) accounted for 3%. The number that China currently the market is still in the basic health need baby wipes and wipes. But from the category rate of growth, female special functional wipes grow faster, skincare wipes in the supermarket are more and more single product number.
The use of wet material is mainly non-woven substrate, water and additives. As a health product, in the process of product consumption, demand from the air, water, information, equipment, contact surface, the operation of the staff, and many other aspects of strict management control, to ensure the safety of products. The quality of water is the key factor affecting the quality of production, some of the modern large consumer companies in accordance with the rules of the United States Pharmacopoeia of the pure water treatment, regular cleaning of the water delivery pipe to ensure the quality of pure water. Wipes in direct contact with the human body, the factory must strictly control various wipes additives. Workshop of the whole blockade management and equipment automation is also an important link to ensure product safety.
At present, the domestic use of wet nonwoven substrates is mainly spunlace, using dry paper substrates rarely wipes. Xinglong state for environmental thinking and the demands on the toilet washed toilet wipes and other products flushable begged, advocate the use of natural fiber materials and biodegradable materials, wood pulp, viscose fiber, cotton fiber, soluble fiber, and dry paper accounted for a large proportion of. In addition, the overall environment friendly and product performance of the composite into the net base material is currently the use of small, but the growth is very fast.

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