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Wuhan akcome | | ikang wholesale volume wipes wipes investment volume

date posted:2014-04-25 14:29:55


Wuhan akcome | | special volume | wipes machine with wet wipes
Wuhan new type hotel disposable environmental protection towel products:
Decades of reform and opening up the hotel industry in China has been a leap in the development, which shows that China's Gaestgiveriet Hotel industry has been very mature, the standard of service also greatly improved, of course, at the same time, there are some unavoidable questions, what is the problem? The first is about the use of Gaestgiveriet Hotel room towel health, in the development of economy, in our era, our Gaestgiveriet Hotel entrepreneurs thought also should go hand in hand, towel, bath towel, bed room for many years has attracted much attention, and a lot of single bed room towel in the washing of the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, the biggest problem is Gaestgiveriet Hotel, disinfection is not complete, thorough disinfection cost is also very high, part of the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, is symbolic of the cleaning, after drying it, but this to our consumers to say is irresponsible, we think, bath towel if sterilization is not complete, it will infect a hotel guest. Can also cause severe infection causing disease, how to change this situation?
Wuhan Xingcan wipes product Limited company, in 2013 after the development of a number of experiments, the successful development of a Gaestgiveriet Hotel for a variety of environmentally friendly disposable towels and bath towels, after testing the market, fully meet the modern consumer and the requirements of the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, its economic, health, environmental protection, low carbon, with 100% pure plant fiber as raw material, without any chemical composition, will not cause allergic skin problems, but also to avoid the cross infection of germs, the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, save cost, improve service details and enhance the service level, for consumers, not what the economic burden, and most of the guests are willing to use disposable towels and environmental protection the guest towels, ease of use, there is no psychological burden, thus increasing the rate of return of the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, choose a ikang Gaestgiveriet Hotel green towel let you worry assured comfortable!
Towel 100 grams 70cmx30cmx3 bar (used for hotel, pedicure, bathing and other places).
70cmx30cmx2 *150cmx1 100 grams specifications towel bar (suitable for hotels, bathing and health establishments).
Massage towel 100 grams 70x30cmx2 *170x75cmx2 (suitable for foot bath massage health special)
We warmly welcome the customers of Gaestgiveriet Hotel
Incoming call: 15907161332 Mr. Wu customer service phone: 4000161332

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