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The wholesale supply of hot and cold wet towel, hotel / Office / Hospital of cold and hot wet towel

date posted:2014-04-25 14:12:39


Mesh environment friendly soft towel roll 50 grams
The soft towel roll using 100% pure natural plant fiber, with high pressure water treatment and disposable after use; natural degradation, all natural, will not cause any pollution to the environment.
It is made of natural plant fiber, low carbon and environmental protection, conform to the requirements of environmental protection:
Wet towel used in the current market, the discharge of a large number of hazardous waste water, while the paper towel is not easy to break down because of its chemical material, the waste caused serious pollution. The cotton towel used in this product is made of natural plant, it is easy to be degraded and has no pollution. It is the most environmentally friendly green product.
The most clean and healthy fresh wet towel:
The traditional wet towel after repeated use, not clean and easy to breed bacteria, has gradually been rejected by consumers. This product is based on customer needs, at any time to provide clean and clean towels, complete with no bacterial contamination, prevent bacteria infection and cross infection, to consumers the most peace of mind, caring protection.
Also not long-term preservation.
Before use of the soft towel roll is dry, even long-term preservation is not worried about the deterioration, can be assured that use.

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