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Using automatic stereoscopic display (AutoSterocopic) technology, which is called true 3D technology, you do not need to wear glasses to see the stereo images. This technique uses the so-called "parallax barrier" to make the two eyes receive different images, to form a three-dimensional effect. Flat panel display to form a three-dimensional image, must provide at least two sets of different phases of the image. Among them, the shutter type 3D technology and flash 3D technology is now the most common use of the two types of display.
No flash 3D is the picture of the left eye and right eye each read 540 lines, two eyes of the image in the brain coincide, so the brain is the image of the 1080 lines. So it can be determined not to flash type for full hd.
Intertek (Germany), the world's leading certification authority, and the Third Research Institute of China, the objective recognition of non flash 3D resolution, vertical direction can read 1080 (left / right eye to see 540 lines), after wearing 3D glasses can clearly see the full HD state 3D.
3D James Cameron, a world famous director of the 3D trend, said in a news event in the 4/11, the situation in the future will be very bright. Now many manufacturers are using 3D sources not flash 3D production of 3D sources, 3D sources that the industry's most authoritative manufacturer SONY has officially used flash 3D image 3D manufacturing technology of Full HD, if serious losses and affect the quality of the visual appreciation, why these sources dealers will give up and choose the shutter no flash? So, the loss of the quality of the rumors are not true. 1 no flicker, Free (Flicker)
- no flash 3D, the picture is stable, no flicker, the eye is more comfortable, no dizziness. No flash 3D by the international authority of the testing, flashing is almost zero.
No flash through the T ISO 9241-307 u V specification testing, obtained nonblinking 3D (3D Flicker free) certification.
2 high brightness, more bright
- degree of loss of the minimum of polarized 3D, color is better, more details of the film, the game more shocking.
3 no radiation, more comfortable glasses
- no flash type 3D glasses without electronic components, no radiation. And the structure is simple, the weight (25g or so) less than shutter type 3D glasses (80g or more) 1/2, more portable
4 no heavy shadow, more realistic
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