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TN,Liquid crystal display
  • TN,Liquid crystal display

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Until now there is no unified view of the concept of the display, but it is mostly the same understanding, as the name suggests it should be a certain electronic file through a specific transmission device to reflect the visual display of the human eye.
Broadly speaking, can be seen everywhere in the big screen TV, BSV, LCD screen, mobile phone and other instant display is the display category, but it generally refers to the display device is connected with the host computer.
It is widely used to satellite monitoring, to see VCD, it can be said that in the modern society, it is everywhere, its structure is generally a circular base with the fuselage, with the continuous development of display technology, there are some other shape of the display, but not much.
As a regular contact with the computer, the monitor must be a long time to face, everyone will have this feeling, when a long time to see an object, the eyes will feel tired, the monitor is also the same, because it is through a series of circuits designed to produce images, so it will produce radiation, the human eye damage is greater.
It is often said that the three elements of a computer's direct influence on human health are keyboard, mouse, and display. A traditional keyboard font in use for hands in the middle of the alphabet, so users have to tighten the shoulder, cantilever clamping arm, use fatigue, long-term use is easy to damage, the mouse almost so, smart businesses spotted this, launched a variety of ergonomic keyboard and mouse, very popular welcome.
Then in the three factors affecting the health, is undoubtedly the most important display, because your eyes look directly at it, if hurt, how much money is irreparable, which can afford their own pain, so now there are many Caixian industry on reducing radiation standards, such as MPRII, TCO etc. on the market, most of the products through certification, consumers in the purchase must recognize the signs.
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